How To Discover Pet Secure Ice Melts For Happier Paws

How To Find Pet Safe Ice Melts For Happier Paws

Pet Secure Ice Melts For Happier Paws

Pet Safe Ice Melts For Happier Paws

In case you’re studying this text, you’re the type of canine proprietor who cares about discovering pet secure ice melts on your canine.

The reality is everybody ought to fear.

In reality, there are some issues about rock salt – and its safer cousins – that may shock you.

In the case of our winter upkeep plans and our canines, right here’s one thing to ponder…

Why Do We Shield Our Vehicles However Not Canines From Salt?

Take into consideration what occurs to your automotive while you drive behind a salt truck within the winter. That rock salt corrodes the steel and paint proper off your automotive!

So these of us who dwell in chilly climates take our automobiles in each fall to guard them. We use a spray-on goo to maintain the salt away from the paint and steel on our treasured automobiles.

However we let our canines stroll unprotected on the identical roads (and sidewalks) we’re defending our automobiles from.

Appears type of loopy proper?

Do that experiment at residence:

Fill a zipper lock bag with a number of drops of water, add a tablespoon of rock salt and zip it up.

Now really feel the bag.

You’ll really feel that it will get scorching. Now think about the way it feels between your canine’s toes.

Salt can get lodged in between your canine’s pads the place it can warmth as much as round 170 levels! That’s scorching sufficient to trigger burns.

And the ache will trigger your canine to lick his paws. This then provides much more moisture to his toes … and now the salt is on his lips and tongue too.

Rock salt can even irritate his gastrointestinal system. resulting in tummy troubles. And much more worrisome is that it may set off seizures when eaten in massive portions.

That is fairly scary when you think about how a lot your canine licks his paws after a stroll.

So should you didn’t know earlier than, then now you already know that you need to maintain your canine away from salt at any time when doable!

And it’s worthwhile to use pet secure ice melts at any time when doable to soften snow and ice in your personal yard.

However are all Pet-Pleasant ice melts really secure?

Discovering Pet Secure Ice Melts

With names like …

  • Secure Paw
  • Secure-T-Pet
  • Ice Soften for Pets

… these various merchandise should be secure, proper?

However you need to take a look at greater than the identify to know if an pet secure ice soften product is de facto secure. Right here’s an instance …

Ice soften merchandise can say “Pet Pleasant,” or “Safer for Pets/Paws” on the label even when it’s nonetheless simply rock salt. Common rock salt has jagged edges and may minimize your canine’s paws.

So some firms spherical off the rock salt edges … and that apparently earns them the precise to say it’s secure for paws!

Nicely, rounded rock salt is likely to be safer than jagged rock salt, however that’s not likely the purpose (no pun meant). The reality is it’s nonetheless not secure on your canine (or the planet)!

Listed below are a number of the mostly used chemical compounds in ice melters:

  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Sodium Acetate
  • Calcium Magnesium Acetate
  • Glycols


Chloride-based ice melters are the commonest and least expensive. This contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. It’s principally salt.

Chlorides are mined from the earth and made into the form you see in packages … however right here’s the trouble with some chlorides:

  • Magnesium chloride – could be irritating and lead to gastrointestinal upset. It’s additionally fairly harmful for canines with kidney issues.
  • Sodium chloride – Massive quantities can result in sodium toxicosis and could be deadly to canines. Smaller quantities could cause abdomen upset like vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Potassium chloride – Extreme gastrointestinal irritation that may trigger hemorrhagic vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Calcium salts (calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, and calcium magnesium acetate) – Calcium salts are probably the most hazardous. In reality, they’re probably the most extreme irritants of all of the substances in ice melts. In case your canine eats these, he’ll possible vomit and have diarrhea. These substances are additionally well-known pores and skin irritants, so that they’re more likely to trouble his paws.


These ice melts are very efficient. The difficulty is that ethylene glycol-based ice melts comprise the identical lively ingredient as antifreeze. These merchandise are extremely poisonous and could be lethal in case your canine eats it … so keep away!

Then again, ice melters with a propylene glycol base are a lot safer. Propylene glycol ice melts normally comprise urea because the lively ingredient. That is typically acknowledged as comparatively pet-safe.

Word: whereas propylene glycol is sort of secure for canines, it may harm a cat’s purple blood cells when licked or eaten.

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How to find pet safe ice melts infographic

Preserving Your Canine Secure

There’s actually no such factor as fully pet secure ice melts. Even those which might be safer shouldn’t be eaten. And that features your canine licking his paws after strolling on it.

There are another issues to contemplate while you’re in search of dog-friendly ice melters:

  • Don’t purchase based mostly on value. Safer ice soften merchandise use dearer chemical compounds and are price the additional expense.
  • Discover a product that doesn’t have any warning labels on it. If a product isn’t secure for you or your youngsters, it’s not secure on your pets.
  • Search for merchandise which might be salt and chloride free.
  • Go to the producer’s web site and skim concerning the substances … and don’t be afraid to do some on-line analysis.
  • Lastly, though you might be utilizing a pet secure ice soften product, your neighbors and metropolis will not be.

Ice Soften Alternate options

In case you can’t keep away from ice melts, it’s all the time a good suggestion to scrub your canine’s paws proper after a stroll. Use loads of lukewarm water, then dry them nicely.

Another choice is to think about using dog boots or paw salve through the winter season. Some canines might take some time to get used to booties however they will prevent from bathing paws.

And you may maintain issues safer at residence through the use of issues like:

  • Sand or filth
  • Wooden ash

These could also be messier options however they gained’t trigger hurt to your canine or the surroundings. And you may all the time use a bit of elbow grease to maintain your paths clear with a shovel or decide.


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